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Product categories

Artificial bait (1168)

Purchases for ribolov (470)

Makari (271)

Vlakna (201)

Swims, cookies and others (468)

Fishing boat (276)

Fish catchers accessories (1257)

Camping equipment (297)

Struv and zahranka (634)

Clothes for the ribar (670)

Other products (167)

Goreshchi Oferti (15)

New Products

Casting jig Westin F360 SBass

11.80 BGN – 12.80 levs.

Cat Spirit Silicone Stop

10.20 BGN

Installation of Cat Spirit Single Hook Rig

10.20 BGN

Reason for catfish Cat Spirit Strike Cat

16.50 BGN

Westin Flats UPF Shirt

83.00 BGN

Westin Bay UPF Hoodie

113.00 BGN

Chanta for Ragot wobblers

58.00 BGN

Westin Classic UPF Gaiter Bandana

27.30 BGN

Westin Sea Gaze UPF Gaiter Bandana

34.90 BGN

Stoppery Cat Spirit XXXL

2.60 BGN – 2.80 levs.

Westin Island UPF Cap

36.30 BGN

Jig head with whirbel Cat Spirit

13.80 BGN – 16.80 levs.


Above 59lv crawl – up to 7% retreat. Above 100lv crawl – up to 12% withdrawal. Above 300 lv up to – 15% rebate. Above BGN 700 – 20% rebate.


Most clients require additional considerations for product and category definitions. The payment for the transaction depends on the entrance fee and is pre-agreed.


Standard indentations do not accrue on products in promotions and do not count for products on any brand of cato St. Croix, Coleman, Humminbird, etc. Indent on these products are different!